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How we’re starting

Helping pets with osteoarthritis

Our first innovative solution is to improve the lives of pets suffering from osteoarthritis with an all-new treatment. We have the option to license with Royal Vet College to develop a groundbreaking, patented technology using a compound called Hylin.

For interested & curious vets

Want to learn more about the science behind our first solution? This novel compound inhibits hyaluronan overproduction using a hyaluronan production inhibitor. We would love to hear any of your questions and gain your support.

Join the movement!

Excited to see how this solution can improve the lives of our beloved pets or your clients? Your support can help us get these solutions produced and available for all our furry friends.

Our PawsPack is growing

And we’re excited to see what we can accomplish next, together.

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Connect with our Experts

We’d love to hear from you! Our team can help you learn more about our current research and development status, dig deeper into the science, and more.

Our beloved pets need help

The pet medication market is growing fast and for a good reason. More pets are suffering from illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and arthritis pain that impact their quality of life.

Every 1 out of 3 dogs1 is suspected to be suffering from arthritis pain and up to 90% of cats.2 That’s why we’re starting with developing our osteoarthritis solution in partnership with Royal Vet College, to treat this common and often debilitating pet illness.

Getting your product to market

With the support of fellow pet experts like veterinarians and our valued investors, we can help get our flagship Hylin-based solution to more families, pets, and veterinary clinics, faster.

Tackling other pet health problems

Paws Pharma isn’t stopping at osteoarthritis solutions. We continue to evaluate our technologies pipeline, expand our partnerships, and work with our expert team to explore emerging chronic pet illness needs.

Meet our team working on pet health innovations

Our talented veterinary partners

We are excited to partner with the world-renowned Royal Veterinary College of London on our innovative pet health solutions.


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